Live, In-Person Event Wednesday, February 14, 2024 9am - 1:30pm

Lunch is included

City Of Raleigh Museum

220 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, NC

Calling all entrepreneurs, changemakers, and anyone who wants to captivate audiences with their ideas! Do something for you this Valentine's Day.

Boring bullet points and nervous mumbles don't serve you. This interactive workshop unlocks the secrets of confident, impactful presentations that win pitches, engage your audience, and leave a lasting impression.

Whether you're pitching to investors, speaking at conferences, or connecting with customers online, this workshop will equip you with:

Stage Command & Presence: Conquer stage fright and project unwavering confidence, both online and in-person. Master body language and storytelling techniques that draw audiences in.

Captivating Content: Learn how to structure presentations that flow flawlessly, build suspense, and deliver your message with laser clarity. Ditch the dry data dumps and create narratives that resonate with your audience.

Visual Storytelling: Transform bland slides into dynamic canvases that enhance your message, not distract from it. Learn design principles, pro tools, and visual hacks to create slides that wow.

Vocal Delivery: Say it like you mean it. Find out about weak words you should avoid, learn how to stop stammering and find out why volume is imperative.

This workshop is your ultimate launchpad to becoming a presentation powerhouse

Interactive exercises: Smile for the camera because we'll record your presentation and you'll get immediate feedback.

It's all love: Hone your skills in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Actionable takeaways: Leave with a plan to transform your next presentation into a masterpiece.

Bonus resources: Access exclusive guides, and cheat sheets to keep your presentation mojo flowing.

Ready to unleash your inner rockstar presenter? Register today and take your ideas to the next level!

Limited spots available. Don't miss out!

"The energy and passion Valonda brought to the topic was awesome. She made a difficult task, for many of us, easier."

"Valonda made me feel that she truly cared about my anxieties and wanted to see me succeed that day and every day in the future."

"Very well done and much needed! I'm glad we had to practice in front of the camera!"

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Hi, I'm Valonda Calloway, also known as The TV Lady®! After many years as a full-time TV news anchor, reporter and lifestyle host, I became a coach to professionals who want to show up confidently in presentations large and small.

I do this work because it breaks my heart to know so many people struggle to share their gifts with the world because they can't communicate effectively. I believe each of us has been blessed with knowledge that we are supposed to share.

Far too many people miss out on opportunities because they fear putting themselves out there or they put themselves out there and they fail. Communicating effectively is about waaaay more than your words. It's about the words as well as how you deliver them.

I'm here to coach you on your journey to becoming a more confident communicator!