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Reach The Hearts Of Your Audience

✅ Step Up Your Communication Skills & Improve Your Effectiveness

✅ Boost Your Confidence To Unlock Your Full Potential

✅ Effectively Use Voice, Action, and Image When Speaking

✅ Learn Powerful Techniques For Vocal Delivery & Body Language

✅ Get Top Tips For Setting Up Your Remote Office For Maximum Effect

✅ Positively Address Speech Anxiety


TV Lady coaching is created for entrepreneurs, speakers, and executives who want to unlock their full potential and get to the next level in business.  


Because we live in a distracted world and we can’t waste time. We need to communicate with confidence and in a way that holds the audience’s attention. Training programs often overlook so-called soft skills like communication, but strong communication skills are essential when we’re trying to reach the hearts and minds of an audience. 

Get To The Point

Despite our best efforts, we are easily distracted. I'll show you how to communicate in a way that is effective and gets to the point without wasting time.

Dress Like You Mean It

Learn from a Master Style Coach how your clothing impacts how you show up when it's time to present.

Your Hands

So many people wonder what to do with their hands when they're presenting. I'll show you what to do with them that looks and feels natural.

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Hi I'm Valonda Calloway, your coach on this journey toward becoming a more confident, credible, kick-butt communicator. My nickname is The TV Lady because I've worked in television most of my career as either a news anchor, reporter, host or spokesperson and people always say to me, "aren't you the tv lady?"

Working in television and with my studies to become a presentation trainer, I've gained a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to keep an audience engaged as well as how to feel confident when speaking in front of people.

I'm excited to share it all with you!